I’LL EXPOSE UR DIRTY GAME! Meghan RAGES in tears as Angela Levin reveals her dirty truth

Biographer Angela Levin, known for her outspoken views on Meghan Markle, has returned with more bombshell claims likely to spark significant discussion. According to Levin’s sources within Buckingham Palace, tensions have been simmering since Meghan and Harry’s explosive interview with Oprah last year. While the Sussexes have portrayed themselves as victims, royal aides and figures assert there are two sides to every story. Levin is now poised to share Meghan’s side in greater depth based on insider insights.

Meghan Markle has ‘enormous dislike’ of Britons: Angela Levin rages at Duchess

Levin alleges that Meghan Markle extensively researched the monarchy before marrying into the Windsor family, suggesting that her claims of being unprepared for royal life were disingenuous. According to Levin, Meghan was well aware of royal duties and expectations before her marriage, which contradicts her public narrative of naivety and being blindsided. Levin also claims that both Harry and Meghan received thorough briefings about royal expectations to avoid any confusion post-wedding.

The behavior and claims of Meghan Markle as a royal have reportedly caused significant tension within the royal family. Insiders believe that many of Meghan’s statements, including those made during the Oprah interview, were exaggerated or untrue. For instance, Levin points out that Kate Middleton made extensive efforts to welcome Meghan into the royal family, directly contradicting Meghan’s feelings of exclusion. Additionally, the royal family and their support teams allegedly provided substantial assistance to Harry and Meghan, despite the couple’s complaints about a lack of support.

Furthermore, insiders suggest that several of Meghan’s specific claims in the Oprah interview, such as not receiving help during her alleged suicidal thoughts, were likely exaggerated for dramatic effect. Levin’s revelations paint a different picture of Meghan Markle’s integration into royal life, suggesting that the Duchess was more prepared and supported than she has publicly acknowledged.