A new drama unfolds: Trevor Engelson will issue a warning to Meghan Markle with a TELL ALL BOOK about her: ‘The Queen has been lying since birth.’

In what promises to be a dramatic twist, Trevor Engelson, Meghan Markle’s ex-husband, is reportedly planning to release a tell-all book that could shake the foundations of the British royal family. The book, which Engelson claims will reveal shocking truths about Meghan and the royal family, includes the explosive assertion that “The Queen has been lying since birth.”

Engelson’s forthcoming book is expected to delve deep into his past relationship with Meghan, offering intimate details and untold stories that could further complicate Meghan’s already tumultuous public life. This revelation comes at a time when Meghan is grappling with multiple controversies and a relentless media spotlight.

Insiders suggest that the book will not only focus on Meghan but also challenge long-held perceptions about the royal family, potentially igniting new debates and discussions. Engelson’s decision to publish such a book has already sparked a wave of reactions, with many questioning his motives and the potential impact on the royal family.

As the anticipation builds, the public is keenly awaiting more details about the book’s contents and the potential fallout from its release. This unfolding drama is set to be another chapter in the ongoing saga of Meghan Markle and the British royal family.